[TRANS] 150420 Red Velvet’s Irene to be the New Female MC for KBS ‘Music Bank’


Red Velvet’s member Irene has been chosen to be the new MC for KBS2 ‘Music Bank’.

A Music Bank official revealed on the 20th: “Red Velvet’s Irene has been chosen as the new female MC to replace Sistar’s Bora”.

A representative said, “Red Velvet’s leader Irene is a member with a combination of charms that stand out through performances, surely has the beauty which capture the eyes and talents that are not like a rookie’s. She’s perfect to hold the place of the new female MC.”.

“We think that Irene is polite, confident and has an overflowing talent in variety”, he further explained.

Irene will start to take over as the new female MC on May 1st. However, the male MC to replace actor Park Seojun has not been revealed yet.

Source: Nate
Translated by: @redjuhye0n



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