[TRANS] 150418 Red Velvet’s Interview for ‘The Celebrity’ Magazine FULL


What’s the food that you want to eat to your heart’s content on the day that you stopped dieting?

Irene: I want to eat noodle dishes right now.

Seulgi: Ramen!

Wendy: High-fat food! Chicken, sweet and sour pork, pizza, dakgalbi, rice cake, ddeokbokki, samgyupsal! And foods that I haven’t eaten yet! Pork hock, entrails (pork organs), tripe, gut, chicken feet etc.

Joy: Chicken, pizza, sweet and sour pork, jjajangmyun, bread, macaron, ice cream, squid, rice cake… there’s a lot!

Yeri: ♡Seasoned chicken♡

Q: What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?

Irene: When I open my eyes, I check the time first. After that, I’ll check our schedule for that day.

Wendy: I greet my parents through messenger! They’re away from me so they worry a lot.

Joy: I wake up the members who are still sleeping.

Yeri: I look at the clock and if I think I won’t get late, I sleep again.

Q: What do you do before sleeping?

Irene: I put body lotion and body oil on my entire body.

Seulgi: I write on my diary or draw.

Wendy: I choose the songs based on my mood everyday then I sleep while listening to it. I think I end my day properly like that.

Q: Do you often search ‘Red Velvet’ or your name on the internet?

Irene: When we’re monitoring, I do it only once.

Seulgi: When we have schedule, I do. When i see the reactions of our fans, I’m amazed.

Wendy: I search for our performance and I search for ‘fancams’ too. I’m shy so I can’t watch it properly but I want to look  for my weaknesses so I watch whenever there’s time.

Yeri: I do that a lot. I’m still amazed that i’m already on the internet.

Q: Is there a touching comment that you read until now?

Seulgi: ‘Thank you for debuting’, ‘I gain strength whenever I see you’ and such….

Wendy: ‘Thank you for being a singer’, ‘Thank you for singing’. It’s a comment that always move me to tears but, I really cried because of it when we won first place. What am I…. for them to like me like this, and I’m thankful. It makes me think of showing a better side of me.

Joy: ‘Don’t put yourself down and if you’ll always consider what’s left, your day will come someday.’

Q: How do you stabilized your heart when you’re nervous before you go up on stage?

Irene: I listen to the song continuously while imagining myself on stage.

Seulgi: I tell myself, “Seulgi-ya, let’s have fun!”

Wendy: I remember our fans. I want to deliver good energy to a lot of people when i’m on stage.

Joy: I remember myself dancing on stage. I enjoy the nervousness I feel before going up on stage.

Yeri: I just think that ‘I’m good!’ then go up on stage.

Q: The best ‘Ice Cream Cake’ stage that you will pick?

Irene: Our performance when we won first place for the first time on Music Bank, March 27!

Seulgi: Our performances on the 2nd week of our comeback. We are starting to enjoy more on the second week than the first.

Wendy: Our performance during the day we won 1st place wasn’t our best performance but it’s the best day in my life.

Joy: Our performance during SMTOWN concert in Taiwan. We don’t have to be conscious on the camera and it’s an outdoor stage so we were able to do it even more cheerfully.

Yeri: The most memorable for me was during the first time we won on Music Bank too.

Q: If you will film a CF, what kind of product do you want to try?

Irene: Washing mashine or fabric softener. I love doing the laundry.

Wendy: Make-up endorsement that will  make my fair skin stand out. I think perfume endorsement that will transform me into various sides depending on the scent is fun too.

Yeri: Icecream, chicken, pizza, ramen, make-up endorsement.

Q: Pick 3 songs that you want to sing on the karaoke?

Irene: Candy (Red Velvet), ‘It’s Okay'(Younha), and ‘If it is like Tonight’.

Seulgi: ‘Red Sun'(SMTOWN), ‘Everytime'(Britney Spears), ‘One’ (DBSK).

Wendy:  ‘who you are'(Jessie J), ‘Beautiful Days'(Jang Hye Jin), ‘Caution'(Tashannie).

Joy; ‘Somethin Kinda Crazy'(Red Velvet), ‘Daydreamin'(Ariana Grande), ‘Just In Love'(SES).

Yeri: ‘My everything'(Ariana Grande), ‘Ring Back Tone ‘(Lyn), ‘Goodbye sadness, Hello happiness'(Yoon Mi Rae).

Q: What do you think is your biggest strength?

Irene: My willingness to learn whatever it is.

Seulgi: I like my smooth personality. No matter what comes, I don’t get troubled and I always try to think positively.

Joy: I don’t how I smile before I debuted but after my fans discovered my bright smile, I started to like my smiling face too.

Yeri: My smiling face.

Q: If you’ll pick an item that you like the most?

Seulgi: Recently, I fell for the fun of taking photos with a camera.

Wendy: Earphone. It makes me fall even more for the music when I’m on stage and it’s an item that makes me one with music when I’m alone.

Joy: Lip balm.

Yeri: All of the items related to “Hello Kitty”

W: Is there something that you want to do on your promotion next time?

Irene: I want to show a feminine dance.

Seulgi: There’s a lot of things that I want to do. But after I learned them and had the guts, I will definitely try.

Wendy: If there’s an opportunity, I want to do anything! A lot of experiences where I can feel various emotions like variety shows, MC-ing, acting, musical,  and endorsements because I can put these experiences on my singing.

Joy: Song and performance that will emphasize our feminine charm. I want to try various fields like MC-ing and acting as well.

Yeri: I will practice harder in the future because I want to be versatile.

Source: ㅇ @ Red Velvet’s DC Gallery
Translated by: @redjuhye0n


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