[TRANS] 150418 Red Velvet’s Interview for ‘Cecí’ Magazine May Issue FULL


Q: You won 1st place on a music program with ‘Ice cream Cake’ recently. Congratulations.

Seulgi: Our burden while preparing for this album has gotten bigger so we were shocked. My dad cried upon hearing the news that we won first place. My dad’s dream was to be a singer too. That’s why it made him happy.

Wendy: It’s so nice that we can introduce Red Velvet to a lot of people. They get to know each the members one by one lately too. Although our hairstyle is not two-toned.(laughs)

Q: There are tons of female idols in the music industry. What is Red Velvet’s charm that’s only yours?

Joy: At first, we tried fresh and cute concept, then we slowly showed off our mature sides. I think Red Velvet’s strength is that we can show variety of concepts at the same time, just like ‘Happiness’ and  ‘Be natural’.

Q: I heard that you have a lot of female fans. What do you think is the key to this?

Joy: Even on our fansigning event, a lot of female fans came. The common reason is because we’re easy to like but it’s actually hard to like female groupsThat’s why we feel so reassured. I think that they like us because we’re all tiny and we have a cute & friendly vibe like little sisters.

Q: Besides looking friendly, you all look so pretty.

Wendy: When each of us look at the mirror, we say ‘How can I look this ugly’Because there’s a lot of goodlooking people when we go to broadcasting stations.

Q: The members probably dreamt of the day where you would stand on stage and receive love from fans, what made you dream about it?

Seulgi: I liked to sing and dance. I tried to audition when I was in 6th grade and I started to train when I was in 1st year middle school. I trained for 7 years. Although i’m already at an ancestor level, I was able to make my dream come true because of my family’s support.

Joy: I had the chance to stand on stage for the first time when I was in middle school, and I liked the screams for me which even gave me goosebumps. There were a lot if tough times during my training days but I was able to stand on stage and experience monthly evaluation. Everytime, I tell myself “Ah, I’ll be able to feel this kind of happiness here” and settled my heart once again.

Wendy: I really liked to sing. When i’m having a rough time while listening to music, it makes me sad too but there’s strength that comes from it too. I want to share the positive influence that I received from music to other people as well.

Irene: I like singing and dancing so I tried to audition with my friend when I was in 3rd year high school. While training, my greed towards my abilities starting to improve started to grow.

Yeri: As expected, I like singing and dancing too. I started training since I was in 5th grade, and I trained for 5 years. At first, I lack so many things but after seeing that my talents were starting to improve, I enjoyed training.

Q: Starting this promotion, 99-liner maknae Yeri joined the group. Are you adapting well?

Yeri: Since I was young, I lived away from family so it wasn’t hard. The unnies are all gentle and they’re good at taking care of people so I enjoy doing promotions.

Q: I think it’s fun living with girls. Who would imagine that you’ll be able to live in one roof with friends.

Irene: Rather than friends, it feels like i’m living with my family. Especially, we know each other although we don’t say it and there are times when we would consume a whole day by just chatting.

Seulgi: It’s fun making food together and eating together too. Not so long ago, I tried doing Sujebi but I failed to measure the right amount of water so it became flour rice cake . Honestly, I try making food oftenly but I often fail. (laughs) Wendy is the best in cooking. She’s very feminine. There was a time when she packed my lunch box too.

Yeri: She’s good in baking too so she makes cake during our birthdays!

Q: How did you assign your rooms in dorm? Do you share your secrets with your roommates?

Irene: I’m using one room alone but when Yeri joined, we shared the room together. Then Seulgi, Wendy and Joy are in one room.

Joy: Honestly, Seulgi and Wendy unnie are so kind and gentle so they look really cute in my eyes. I’m in a double deck bed (with Seulgi) and i’m the one on top. It’s really fun seeing the unnies’ sleeping habits from above!

Seulgi & Wendy: Oh is that so? (laughs)

Joy: Whenever i’m having a hard time or I have worries, I say it to the unnies. Then the unnies will listen to me until 6 in the morning.

Q: Who’s the most hard-working in dorm?

Everyone: Wendy!

Wendy: Joy is hard-working too. It’s always the two of us who wake up first so we wake up the members.

Q: Then who’s the one in-charge in cleaning?

Everyone: Wendy!

Q: Ah, so Wendy plays the role of a mother in the team. Should we compare the members to a family?

Wendy: Irene unnie who’s the eldest is the reliable father.

Seulgi: She’s a great-grandmother. (laughs). Irene unnie doesn’t use internet much so she asks us ‘What’s the meaning of this?’  and she asks a lot about the meaning of the terms on the internet.

Irene: Just make me the father. (laughs)

Wendy:  Joy is like the big unnie.

Seulgi: Or is she an oppa? She’s like a sly uncle .(laughs)

Wendy: I don’t know if she’s a boy or girl but she’s (Joy) the eldest kid. Then Yeri is the second child. Seulgi is the maknae. No, the pet? The puppy  (everyone laughs) It’s because Seulgi’s personality is really gentle.

Q: Let’s have a warm time to compliment the members sitting beside you.

Wendy: Joy is younger than be but there are a lot of times when she’s like the unnie. She thinks deeply, and she has a huge attachment to the group.

Joy: Yeri is the mood maker. She’s always bright. When the members are tired and Yeri comes to do some aegyo, it makes our motherly smiles come out.

Yeri: Since I was in 5th grade, Irene unnie sends me off to school and she takes care of me well.. Even until now, she wakes up at 6 in the morning everytime I have to go to school to grill some meat for me.(laughs)

Irene: Seulgi is a kid who always put effort. She’s always smiling, but she had a lot of hard times as much as the long period of training she had. She endured that and the emotions that she’s showing naturally on stage now are really cool.

Seulgi: Wendy is the same age as me so we share each other’s worries. If i’ll tell her that I’m hungry, she would say ‘What should we eat?’ and takes care of it, she even open the door and hold it until  the end whenever i go out. Her concern even on the smallest things is deep.

Q: What compliment do you want to hear from the public in the future?

Joy: I want to hear that we can pull off cute and mature charms and we are a group that has the ability to try variety of genres. I hope we will always remain as a a group that they can approach like little sisters, family and friends.

Q: Your dream to win 1st place already came true, what’s your next target?

Seulgi: I want us to be ‘The Country’s Group’ or ‘The Country’s Singers’ that will be liked not only by this generation but even grandmothers and grandfathers as well.

Joy: I think that now is really the start. Please look forward for Red Velvet in the future!

Scans by: @goldenseulumber
Translated by: @redjuhye0n



2 responses to “[TRANS] 150418 Red Velvet’s Interview for ‘Cecí’ Magazine May Issue FULL

  1. The best part:

    Wendy: I don’t know if she’s a boy or girl but she’s (Joy) the eldest kid. Then Yeri is the second child. Seulgi is the maknae. No, the pet? The puppy (everyone laughs) It’s because Seulgi’s personality is really gentle.

    LOL wendy XD


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