[TRANS] 150318 Irene’s Message for Fans ❤


Hello. I’m Red Velvet’s leader Baechu (cabbage) from Daegu. The reason why I wrote a letter like this today is because I want to convey my thankful heart to the fans. I always go up on stage nervous while thinking ‘I have to do better’, but I see our supportive fans’ stare at me, as if like they’re telling me “It’s alright, you’re doing good!”. I saw them supporting me, and then I realized that I’m not alone, so I was very happy and touched. When I go to the right side, I look at the fans on the right side, and when i go the left, i look at the fans on the left side which is why I can’t look at the camera. There are times when I want to look at the eyes of each of our fans l, and I feel very reassured during those times. I want to be Red Velvet’s Baechu who can be with our fans in the future no matter where it is. I hope I can be Baechu who can be loved a lot by everyone, and love everyone in the future. Thank you for today too. Thank you!

Source: https://youtu.be/lQBxBrH4D-Q

Translated by: @redjuhye0n



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