[TRANS] Red Velvet’s Interview for “The Celebrity” Magazine


Q: You were able to endure and stand for your first performance an hour ago. You must be thrilled.
Seulgi: Our debut stage was on Music Bank. We turned and started to do our choreography then fans chanted “Red Velvet, congratulations on your debut!” That time we thought, “So we’re really standing on stage now”

Irene: When we passed the audition, we were so happy. We were as happy as that when we stood on our first stage. That time, we walked on our way to be singers and now, we’re really starting as singers already.

Q: Your song consistently says find a way to be happy. How does Red Velvet find happiness?
Joy: I find happiness through eating. I’m happy whenever i’m eating something with the members. I don’t care if it’s bread, meat, noodles or whatever kind of food.

Q: Ey, you find happiness only through that? Isn’t that a typical lie that groups say?
Wendy: It’s true. Diet is our assignment for lifetime. We can’t eat as much as we want to so we become happy whenever we eat. We think we can’t eat so our attachment (to food) is stronger.
Q: In the music world filled with idols armed in strong and sexy concepts, Red Velvet chose to be natural instead. You give bright performances and positive energy fitting with your age with your song. What’s your difference between girl groups who acts sexily?
Seulgi: It’s good to be pretty but we thought that we should go with fresh, and bright image. Our song has African mood and beat and is of urban Europop genre so sexy and fierce concept doesn’t fit it. We’re happy because people see us cutely.

Q: Looking at Irene, she’s smiling brightly during Happiness music video. Knowing someone like this, they’re often the funniest ones.

Seulgi: That’s right. If you’ll notice it more, she’s the funniest. After we finished filming, we were going for radio recording and in fact, we practiced among us. That time, Irene unnie pretended to be Kim Chang Ryul sunbae. She’s so good. Haha.

Q: I was wondering if SM Entertainment can produce a unique girlgroup which is not like SNSD or f(x) and Red Velvet is the answer to this which I never imagined.

Seulgi: We had a burden in that part. We worried about “What kind of performance should we show off” more rather than worrying about “Which side of us should we show to people” even until now. After the long worry, we were just surprised and overwhelmed that a lot of fans supported us after seeing our performances and the song.

Translated by: @redjuhye0n



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