[TRANS] Red Velvet’s First Impressions Towards Each Other



– My first impression on Seulgi is..(laughs)…someone who says nonsense things!!ㅋㅋ And it’s true that she’s still like that until now. ㅎㅎ That’s why she’s even more cute. And she’s a friend whose heart is deep^^
– Wendy is..I remember that she’s bright since the first time I saw her!! She’s still bright even now but she’s deep and she’s very lovely because she takes care of the people around her very well. ^^
– Joy was quiet. Having the role of the maknae must be hard for her, but she’s doing really well (She’s a very bright and cheerful maknae ^^)

– Irene unnie is.. To be honest, she kinda seemed cold~!! But she’s the one who jokes a lot and she’s a warm-hearted unnie..
– Wendy is bright and outgoing person. She’s still the same now. She’s like a mother who takes good care of people. She’s very tender~!!^^
– Joy is young but very mature so it was slightly hard to come near her. But as you can see, she’s a cute and lovely maknae~!!

– When i first saw Irene unnie, I thought “Wow!! She’s so pretty!!!” Although all of the RV members are pretty but.. Irene unnie was chic. But she approached me first and she’s really a warmhearted and kind unnie. Irene unnie is good at joking like a little kid sometimes and she’s our charming leader Irene unnie~
– When I first saw Seulgi, I was like “Wow!! She’s so beautiful and thin!” Hahaha, She also approached me first like Irene unnie. We are of the same age and our personalities are the same too so we get along well. She’s very cute, our Seulgi ~♡~♡
– Our maknae Joy is the youngest but she’s so tall and she looks mature. But her heart is tender more than anyone else! Joy~!! Lately, I think Joy has gotten even more cute and bright!^^

– When I first saw Irene unnie, she was so pretty that I was shocked. She’s so tender and warm now, our leader Irene unnie!
– Seulgi unnie looked like a cute squirrel>< (Sorry unnie…^^) Unnie is a cutie! We’re doing promotions together so I think she’s a strong unnie on the inside who was able to endure long trainee days!

– When i first met Wendy unnie, she’s very caring like an older sister. After living with her, that’s still how she is. Wendy unnie makes a lot of delicious food and listen to my worries. She’s like a mother for me.ㅎㅎ

Translated by: @redjuhye0n



One response to “[TRANS] Red Velvet’s First Impressions Towards Each Other

  1. this is great to having idea for compilation of your all translation.. make me easily to find it… thank you for your hardworking and let’s support red velvet till the end ^^ Fightiiing 😀


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